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Problem with My Z: Drive


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My Emby server has been running smoothly for about a month now and I have had no problems.  Yesterday evening, for no apparant reason, I stopped being able to stream any TV shows or Movies.  I first noticed this on the server itself when I tried to play a show while working at another computer.  The show page loaded, then when I clicked 'play' on the episode Emby loaded the playback screen with the loading wheel.  After a few seconds, I got an error stating

"No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details."

I am not sure what this means.  I have confirmed that the bitrate limit field in the settings is blank.  There was no one else streaming anything at that time.

I replicated the problem on my phone (over LAN and then WAN).  I restarted the emby server, same error.  I restarted my windows PC and applied windows updates and same error.  I have tried to use a couple of different accounts on a couple of devices and have not been able to play anything back.


Error logs from my last attempt attached.


EDIT:  I also noticed that at the same time, images stopped loading for most of my files (screen shot attached)






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After a bit more trouble shooting, I noticed that my "z:\" drive was not showing up in windows explorer.  Apparently the eSATA cable from my RAID enclosure came lose, but there were no error lights, etc. to notify me of a lost connection.  After plugging it back in everything seems to be fine.

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Thanks for the feedback !

I saw someone else with this error but no resolution. Maybe if the file can't be found the error message could be more descriptive? The verbiage used makes it seem like a network/streaming problem instead if a HW/file system issue.

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