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emby and letsencrypt API automation

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So I am looking to migrate from plex to emby and so far so good, still needing a lot of testing.  However one thing that is keeping me from migrating is the SSL encryption.  With Plex, they actually provide their own proxy and they pay for the encryption and Emby seems like you have to have provide your own domain with SSL cert.  With letsencrypt being main stream and free, this is fine and dandy.  However, the way I understand their certs, they are only good for 90 days I believe and then you have to renew (again for free).  This is quite an administrative task to do this every three months. Letsencrypt does have API to be able to do renew if you have an account.  


So my feature request would be to add the ability in emby to enter your lets encrypt credentials and have emby renew the cert automatically via letsencrypt api so this does not have to be done manually.  I am curious if anyone else has found a better alternative to this.

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I know this has come up before, but I have utilized caddy server (which automatically renews let's encrypt certs) and reverse proxy emby.

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