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Emby Theatre - no controls


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Hi everyone, I'm experiencing difficulty while playing my movies (MP4, AVI) to Emby Theatre I'm using Emby Server


The videos are playing, that's for sure, but when the video is in full screen, there are no controls in sight.

For example, I want to know what time it is and I want to see at what time the video ends.

I tried uninstalling Emby Theatre and reinstall it again - no success. Upgrade to the newest server version did not work either.


I am using Windows 10 as operating system.


Attached screenshots:

1.verify version Emby Server post-3803-0-29089900-1570898627_thumb.jpg

2.verify version Emby Theatre post-3803-0-83898400-1570898636_thumb.jpg

3.experience when viewing the movie 'the Ark of Truth' from the StarGate saga post-3803-0-40495300-1570898642_thumb.jpg


I can view the movies by using an internet browser (in my case, Firefox), or using an external player for all my video's, but that's not the experience I am looking for. When the movie ends, I want to automatically return to the Theatre's screen for that movie.


=> Please do not post comments on the movie I demonstrated my issue with, nor the kind of browser.


Any help for EMBY THEATRE is appreciated. Thank you kindly, greetings from Meine, the Netherlands

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Yes! indeed:

1.download the 3.0.6 from github

2.rename the folder 'system' in current setup [C:\users\admin\appdata\roaming\emby-theater] to system.old

 admin can be replaced by any other username where emby-theater is installed to

3.same for the folder 'data'

4.unpack the zip downloaded from github

5.edit C:\users\admin\appdata\roaming\emby-theater\system.xml: find the line with enableautoupdate

6.replace the word 'true' with 'false'; save the xml file


it works. Admins, please close my issue.

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