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Apple TV or iPhone App cant "find" server.


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Hello there!

I have a windows server with a Synology DNS and Let's encrypt SSL key for HTTPS connections.

This has worked perfectly for a long time. But since about last week iPhone users and Apple TV users cant "find" the server anymore.

Any other device can do this with no issue at all. Android app is no problem and using a web browser is fine as well.

I got a "warning" on my android device at the same time as it stopped working though,  it's probably related, image attached.


There is no logs to provide as the server does not see any logins at all...



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So if I understand this correctly I need to change a name in the cert that Synology fetches from Letsencrypt?


I'm just giving you one example of problems with LetsEncrypt on apple devices. If you google around you'll find many others, so it may take a bit of trial and error to get it to work.

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