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Issues with movie theme songs & Trailers plugin


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I have some problems I can't solve.
I searched for answers on the forum, and only for some of them I found a solution.

I performed a test with a Chocolate and Classic themes...


  1. Movie Theme Songs:
    1. Works fine, but not perfect. Because when I enter into my media collection, the song is playing well, and the backdrops image is not rotating as usually, just stuck in the first picture.
      The above doesn't happen when there is no song theme in the media folder to play. - Probably a problem in MB3. Still the same problem in Chocolate and Classic themes..
    2. Sometimes when the song begins, he play for a second or two, then returns to the beginning again and work well. - It seems that the problem in ROC them, Happens only There..
  2. Menus:
    1. Sometimes, When I scrolling through my collections. I click right or left button to the next film and the selection jumps forward number of movies. - It seems that the problem in ROC them, Happens only There..
    2. The second thing - Is there a way to lock the menu bar at the top end as it was possible in previous themes, so there will not be able to choose the top menus?
    3. I'm using a theme ROC, and there are lots pop-ups with messages, it is very bothers and I want to disable this option. Can it?
  3. Trailers
    1. Is the trailers download and stored somewhere
    2. If not, is there an option to save them? So that will not be required to buffer the trailers every time I want to see?
    3. One last thing about the trailers, when I click on the icon of the trailer is played but the video window does not appear. You need to click on the icon "screen magnification" to
      see it. -  It seems that the problem in ROC them, Happens only There..

A lot of questions, but I would appreciate to get some answers, and if there are Unknown problems than it happy to help in improving the user experience.



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I think your first issue is just the way Theme songs work.  The others all appear to be Roc. There are other reports of people having issues with that theme as well.  You may want to try another one until they can be addressed.

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Ok, is there anything that can be do about it?
on this  Plugin, there are several options for operating:


  • Local trailers
  • Local trailers, then Theme backdrops
  • Theme backdrops
  • Theme backdrops, then Local trailers
  • None

theme backdrops play the song as well but not show all image backdrops..

It reduces the experience of using for this feature!


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  • Solution

Not sure there is much i can do about the theme songs playback behaviour. Some themes work perfectly whilst others dont. I'm not in a position to check which themes work without the black ground at the moment and I cant honestly remember but ill take a look at the code over the coming days and see if there is anything i can come up with. :-)

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Thank you radeon, appreciate your good will!

Understands right now main development focuses on isseus, but the user experience is no less important,
and Will satisfy me if you allow playing songs at the same time presenting shifting images on background ...

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