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Volume control on Android


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Dear sirs,


I do not know if this is by design of if it is a bug. This has been there for several versions and updates. 
Facts are I fail to understand how this is supposed to work.

When casting to Chromecast this is what is shown when I try to control Emby's volume:



And it seems to be a mess. When one tries the first slider the second one moves, seemingly on a random manner.

Also when phone is locked I can't control volume using buttons.


Any info on this would be great.

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I fear I was not clear enough.

AFAIK Emby is the only Android app showing two volume sliders.

The sliders seems to relate to GoogleHome app and the actual Emby app.


But if volume is controled by the GoogleHome app, Emby slider will not move.

Also when trying to control volume on Emby app, then the GoogleHome volume sometimes will not move. 

This leads to various scenarios when one slider changes the other.

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