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Problem downloading Dutch subtitles, wrong language code


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Hello, I'm on 3.0.5264.17006 and trying out subtitle download but I can't get it to find Dutch subtitles.

I've tried this with several titles, and several languages but every time nothing is found for Dutch. I've checked opensubtitles.org and there are Dutch subtitles available. 


For example on Red 2, if I try English, Danish or Greek I get a list of subtitles to choose from but none for Dutch. This is available on the website: http://www.opensubtitles.org/nl/search/sublanguageid-dut/idmovie-149719


In the log I found this: "DownloadLanguages":["nld","eng"] I would have expected dut instead of nld


I also found the request:  http://bestanden:8096/mediabrowser/Items/17a14ae52575ebce3f99098b848d531a/RemoteSearch/Subtitles/nld

which doesn't give results, this one:


does give a list of valid subtitles.



Just did some more testing, the same seems to happen to French fra in request, fre on site and German deu in request, ger on site. Haven't checked other languages ;)

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I am experiencing just about the same thing but with every language. I've tried different movies and tv-shows and I always get "no search results found"..

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Bump! Not to open another topic on the same subject... I have the same issue for the Serbian language subtitles. Manual search on opensubtitles confirms that subtitles are available but emby server is not fetching them. All other languages that I use work. The code used for Serbian on OpenSubtitles is "scc" and I'm almost sure that emby is using "srp" for search.


Any hope that this will be fixed?



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Same problem for Greek subtitles (correct code: ell, wrong code: gre).


To circumvent this problem, after digging around, I edited the file %APPDATA%\MediaBrowser-Server\config\subtitles.xml, adding


under <DownloadLanguages>. I suppose if you add "scc", "dut", etc. it will work as well for the language of your choice.


Now, I said I circumvented the problem, because I still can't download subtitles manually for an episode/movie. However, the scheduled task "Dowload missing subtitles" (for all items in the library -- SLOW!)  works fine, since it downloads subtitles for all languages specified in subtitles.xml.


YMMV. Good luck, and here's to hoping that it will get fixed in a future version...

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Thanks guys I have been working on this today and am planning out how we're going to fix this. It's a little tricky because we normalize all the language codes and use the same set of codes throughout the whole system. but now we have to account for OSS making up their own ISO codes so I just have to figure out how we're going to handle that.

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