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Adult Genres


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I have been a user of - and a fan of - MB for a long time (since 2.1.3) and recently upgraded to MB3. 


As a first contribution, I noticed that there is no adult genre art. Using the thumb and folder templates, I've created a bunch and wanted to share.


I have 20 genres created (40 images total with thumb and folder/primary, example attached) but the collection is too big to attach to this post (21.1MB combined). I'd rather not host them in my Dropbox but I am happy to share anyone who wants them. Any suggestions for getting them up for everyone to just download on their own?





EDIT: 22MB ZIP of adult genre art. *png only*



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Koleckai Silvestri

You can create a Github Pull Request on the MediaBrowser.Resources project and contribute them to the project. Or you can upload them to Mediashare and people can download from there.

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Great stuff!


If they're not too raunchy, then post a zip they and can be added to the github resource repo. Just make sure they follow the same conventions as music genres:






Unfortunately some of them are a bit... descriptive - as is the nature of adult entertainment. Not obscene, but definitely not for young eyes. I'll sned a message to Smaky for his input on how to get them up. So far I have the following so if anyone wants them drop me a message:


* All Girl

* All Sex

* Asian


* Bondage

* Busty

* Classic

* Compilation

* Cream Pie

* European

* Feature

* Gonzo

* Hentai

* Instructional

* Latin


* Parody

* Redhead

* Solo

* Vignette

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My only concern about integrating these Adult themed genres to the repository is that some of the names may get mixed with ´regular´ ones. (For example, 'Feature') Maybe it would be a good Idea to name them like Adult - [subGenre] or so. This way they will not get downloaded to an unsuspected genre, and possibly inapropiate eyes.


@@Luke, does this makes sense?

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Right, just put them into an AdultGenres folder similar to how music genres is. same convention. there will be no auto downloading right now but they'll be there for people to grab manually if they want.

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ok - i didn't actually review all of them. they're nice but can we remove the ones with nudity from the repo. thanks.

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This may sound dumb, but why not adopt classifications similar to a site that has already done the work of classification? For example, xhamster.com has a rediculous list of ways to sort/pull videos. Maybe their list would be a more complete list to use/add.

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Looks good, but you have a lot more to add....where's the interacial or Ebony, ethnic, german, etc?


If you do Ebony. Please pick Maserati or Skin Diamond or Melrose Fox.

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