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If you have a lot of Libraries the default view in the Library Settings Page auto adjusts up to 6 columns - so if you want more libraries visible then you need to override the default behaviour

Add the following to your Dashboard>Settings>custom css 
/* ----- Adjust Library Settings Page Card Size ----- */
#mediaLibraryPage .backdropCard-scalable {width:10%;}

/*---- wrap card text - long movie names etc ----*/
div.cardText {white-space: pre-wrap;}

The first allows you to change the width of each library "card" - so 10% gets you 10 columns of libraries per page

The second allows the text below the Library Image to wrap so its still readable - warning this applies across the whole web app not just the Library Settings page


Before css applied



After Css applied




Adjust the width to your liking :)

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theme - dark and dark for the dashboard


BUT - my setup has a lot of css modifications as well


so its a long way from standard

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