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Syncing watched status between users


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Use case: My wife and I both have separate logins but watch things together. I want to sync our watching/watched lists together so that whichever user account/device we watch the media on, it is updated on the other user account. 


I can't find any functionality or plugins to meet this use case. Please point them out if they exist.


I'm trying to do this using the web API (scheduled task to pull watched lists from both accounts and then make post requests for any discrepancies) but can't find the right endpoints. 


If this is achievable via API could someone point me towards the right endpoints to a) get watching/watched activity by user ID and B) update watching/watched activity by user ID. If not, please suggest another method?

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The server configuration backup allows you to restore *User Playstate, Favorites, Resume, etc* to another users profile (not sure what the etc means exactly).

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Thank you- I'll post a link to my script on github when it's done incase any one else should be looking for something similar

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Almost complete. Stuck at one little part though:

If I make a POST to:

url + "8096/emby/Users/b952a3ffb1594eea832f25914e7863aa/PlayedItems/7456"
with the following post data: "{'Played': False, 'PlaybackPositionTicks': 12530000000}")
Then the response is:
[{'IsFavorite': False,
  'LastPlayedDate': '2019-07-28T13:43:15.0000000+00:00',
  'PlayCount': 1,
  'PlaybackPositionTicks': 0,
  'Played': True}]
It seems like it ignores my post data, and just marks the item in the URL as 'played' by hitting this endpoint.
What URL do I need to hit to post Played and PlaybackPositionTicks?
Once that's done I'll be complete :-)
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