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Seems obvious to me .. view all?

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Posted 22 July 2019 - 03:44 AM

Let me explain..

The home page shows "latest" < library >.. with a set number of videos.. I have a a couple of friends I share my content with, some of them are older people and some libraries are a collection of family videos..

They don't know to go to "folders" and browse.. I can explain it but they forget, it's not intuitive..

Why not do what some other video providers do.. when you get to the end of the latest.. just let it have an option to "view all" .. maybe let us choose how to sort that in the admin, some might want latest.. some might want alphabetical .. etc..

Also.. it would be cool to let us tag videos .. and then let videos be browsed by tags as an option.. this would also solve the "view all" thing I mentioned above.. 


"Browse all Horror"  horror being the tag.. "Browse all TV" .. TV being the tag.. so on and so forth.. =)

Both very useful option that I think are obviously extremely useful that I don't see presently.. 

Ps. Playback issues I had been complaining about for months in various threads.. seem to be fixed =) so thanks.. not sure if that is JUST roku, but that's what I use mostly..

Oh, one last thing.. not sure if this is still an issue.. but in the iphone app, if I can't connect to the server remotely, it suddenly forgets the connect settings ( manual, not emby connect ) and I have to re-enter everything .. pain since my password is LONG .. 

Also a friend using firetv could never connect, but when she got a roku.. she could.. she said it was trying to use emby connect, she even made a video.. but I don't have that unfortunately anymore.. she definitely did everything she was supposed to..

just some misc things that may not be issues now, and less important.. stuff I had intended to mention but had been too busy.

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Posted 22 July 2019 - 09:16 AM

Hi.  The Roku app used to have a "More..." entry on some of the home screen rows.  We'll see about restoring that in some of those situations (but it can get a little confusing when you are on a "Latest" row and then you go to a grid that can be sorted in any way).  You also don't have to go to "Folders" to browse, you just go into whatever library you are looking for.


For your issues, please create separate topics in the appropriate forum for them so they can get proper attention.



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Posted 22 July 2019 - 01:06 PM

On the Roku some of the homescreen rows have the "More..." button but the server doesn't really have a method for those at a global scope to show "More..." on every single row. The server doesn't seem to respect StartIndex but it does respect Limit at a global scope with no ParentID on some API calls. Emby server is more tailored to how the web app works and is tailoring the API requests to match this paradigm. I have just rolled with that on Roku to do as the web app does.


When you enter a library view on Roku there should be a "more..." entry on near every single row that has more than 30 items. It is only on the main homescreen rows that having "more..." is a bit "more" of a challenege.. lol.. see what did there? lol... The homescreen is unique in that no context is constrained per library and there is no ParentID.


Some of the calls on the Roku require knowing that ParentID. We can smarten things up here and investigate. But as @ebr said having topics that discuss each separate issue is far better for us to track issues. It is hard for us to track and give priority to issues that share a thread. Once the thread is closed it may be closed before all the issues are addressed. So putting one problem per thread is my best advice. ^_~

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