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Live TV Setup + Playback Issues

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I am a recent convert to Emby from Plex. I am trying to set up live tv with an iptv m3u account.  Everything works, however, Playback buffers, skips, or “loops” (goes back several seconds or minutes) and replays. I have searched the forums for solutions and tried several options, but the issue keeps occurring. I need help with the following:

  1. Are my settings correct (will post below).
  2. Could it be from my freenas server? (set up below).
  3. Would a faster internet connection solve the issue?


I have attached the Emby Server log and ffmpg log.


Emby (freenas) server settings:


Enable hardware acceleration when available:


Transcoding thread count:


Audio boost when downmixing:


H264 encoding preset:


H264 encoding CRF:



Internet streaming bitrate limit (Mbps):



Freenas Server:
Intel® Core i5-2300 CPU @ 2.80GHz (4 cores)


8 gig Ram

11.2 system



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  1. Would a faster internet connection solve the issue?

You didn't mention what your internet speed is. I believe the bare minimum you would need is 25 Mbps.


Is it buffering on both local and remote networks?

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I backtracked and deleted the two data guides (direct tv, Cox) and the streaming is working fine again, not sure why that would affect the stream. Thanks for your help.

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