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Tag-based Whitelist override


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With the coming release of Emby 4.2, we are getting a new feature that allows media tagging to whitelist or blacklist media.
This new feature works well, for it's intended purpose, but is a miss for some use cases, as it only allows two modes of operation

  • Media Blacklisting, whereby a media item is marked as not permitted
  • Media Whitelisting, whereby only media with a tag is permitted to be seen by a user

This feature request is being created as a result of this conversation thread in the Beta Area



The work-around suggested in that thread was to "reduce the parental rating" of a given media item, which achieves my immediate needs, but introduces additional issues as outlined in this scenario

My children each have their own account.  One is set to "PG" and two are set to "14A".
One of my children is a bit more mature and able to handle handle some content that has a higher rating than 14A, but not enough for me to mark to mark that child as allowed to see R-rated content across the board, and I've agreed that she can watch one particular R-rated film.

Using the "Rating Override" technique, I set the "Override" to 14A for this film, and this child can now see this more mature content.

Further, in the next year or so when I upgrade my youngest child from "PG" to "14A", this child too will be able to see this more mature content.


What I'm looking for is a Tag-based solution, where I can tag a piece of media as "Child01_allowed", and this will allow Child01 to see this particular piece of media, functionally ignoring the Parental Rating on the media.  This approach would allow Child01 to see this media, but still not permit Child02 or Child03 to see it, while still allowing those that have access to the film normally via Parental rating to still see it.

I envision this to be implementable using the soon-to-be-released Emby 4.2 Tag-based permissions model.




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But putting a Child2/3_deny (blacklist) would work now, would it not in that scenario?  So parental rating applies to one child and parental rating and tag applies to the other.

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For the exlusion yes...
but it would also require setting the parental control override, which means making 3+ changes to a single media item to achieve this

  • Override the Parental Control to a new reduced value
  • Set the Child02_deny 
  • Set the Child03_deny
  • Set the XX_deny as needed to blockt his from others that are should't see this

What I'm suggesting is a single change to the media "Child01_allow" that would override the rating setting without having to change the Parental Control rating.


It is my opinion that overriding the parental control simply should only be used when "I as a consumer do not agree with this rating and believe it to be X".

What I"m seeking to do is this "I agree that the rating is X, but I am allowing the specified individual to see it anyways".


Fundamentally, the Parental Control Override is "global", and not sufficiently specific.

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I guess I just don't see how this would be any less editing of parental ratings or tags.

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On hand, I agree, there is definitely effort involved in setting this up.

But as I've noted, "overriding" the parental controls exposes this item to All accounts that have the lower rating, but not the higher rating.  <==== This is critical

And as such this is unnacceptable to me.

The alternative that has proposed is to use the whitelisting feature, which I can accept.  But I think it's unreasoanble to me to have to edit thousands of media items just so my children can see one extra movie, and not be exposed to all the R-rated films in my library.

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