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Either I can't find what I need or don't understand what I'm looking at. (probably the second)

I have several movies that I have put into a manual collection. The movies are also included in smaller automatically generated collections where the sort order is unimportant.

The release date of the movies is not the correct chronological viewing order. I entered a "sort name" in the metadata so the collection would be properly listed (Display order: Sort name) when viewing the collection. Unfortunately, the addition of the "Sort name" changed the sequence in the main "Movies" folder so they are now not alphabetical by filename.

This makes it a little difficult to locate movies that are assigned to the collection without actually going to the colleciton. Unless you know that a specific movie is part of the collection you won't find it with the alphabetical filename sort. You have to know how the "sort name" was structured.

Is there someway that the movies can be sorted by "sort name" in the collection folder and file name in the "Movies" folder?   ie.. separate display orders depending on where the movie is being used


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Hi, unfortunately at the moment we don't have a perfect solution for this as there is no way to have multiple sort orders.


@@Happy2Play may have some ideas.

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