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Metadata manager without icons


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Hi @@Happy2Play,


Does anyone knows why I don't see the icons next to the titles in the metadata manager?
I lack images (covers, fanarts, background images ...) but I don't see the icons warning:
Before I could see something like this:
-- Emby Synology 216+ Versión
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hi @@jorg8 this has been removed for now, but may return in the future. For now, the reports plugin can help you filter on titles that don't have images.


Please let us know if this helps. Thanks !

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Thanks for the info.

It is a useful feature for me for the following reason:


I suspect that since I activated the automatic update of metadata in libraries (every 30 days), for some reason the backdrops images disappear and I have to do a manual refresh to download them again.

By not having these icons in the metadata manager, I don't know which ones are completely correct and which are not (to be able to add the content manually)


Anyway, thanks for the job.

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