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Subtitles would not auto download


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I am trying to have Emby always automatically download subtitles even if video already contains embedded subtitles, but it is not happening automatically.


Would anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Here are what I know

  • Automatic subtitle download is working. I observe another video in the same folder having subtitles downloaded automatically
  • Settings
  • File is mkv format
  • Playing the file does show English (Default SUBRIP) in CC
  • No subtitle file is saved in folder for that video, even though the option to skip if embedded is unchecked
  • Manually going to the video Edit Subtitles options with require a hash match does come up with Hash match results
  • I can manually download the subtitle, and observe the subtitle file in the folder
  • I tried turning debugging log on, and running the scheduled download missing subtitle job, but I did not see any useful log
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Hi, we're preparing a wiki article that will step you through this because it comes up frequently.


But if the manual search produces nothing then i would check your server log because possible you may just have connection problems to the subtitle websites.


You did fill in your open subtitles credentials, right?

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Yep. Filled it with credential.

Also, manual search produces exact hash match.

Manual search also allows me to pick one and it'll download it to the folder.

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Your movies will need to be tagged with an Imdb id in Emby, unless they are a perfect hash match for open subtitles. Have you checked on this?

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