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Weird Trouble Shooting Request


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I have a strange request, and I understand if I do not get a response here. For my PC (running windows 10) setup at home, I use Emby for my at home use, and Plex as my remote access server. Last night the town I live in had a power outage, and when I was able to get my PC back on, everything worked fine, except for Plex. It crashes every time I try to start it, it will show in the tray for a second and then disappear. The only difference in the way I have the 2 setup is I have port forwarding enabled for Plex. I have tried everything I can think of to troubleshoot and solve the problem, such as:


-uninstall and reinstall

-roll back the version

-restart my modem/router

-uninstall my antivirus and reinstall without anivirus

-disable my firewall

-disable port forwarding

-uninstall any unused programs

-use resource monitor to see if anything is running on the same port

-made sure my pc was up to date


I have tried everything I can think of and nothing has fixed the problem. I have posted to the Plex forums and haven't received a single response, I never do on their forums. But I've always received help when I've come to these forums, and I was hoping maybe, someone could at least look at my log file (it seems to be the only log file updating whenever I try to start plex) and maybe give me any idea of what the problem is. I understand if I don't get a response or anything here, but I was out of ideas and frustrated with no help coming from the Plex forums. I just want to get my setup running the way it was yesterday before the power went out.






Plex Media Server.log

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Your problem, obviously, is that you are using the wrong application for remote access. ;)


Looks like a network permissions error.

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I run my setup the way I do because when I used to only use Plex my remote access would always disconnect, but Port Forwarding fixed that issue, but caused a new one, with port forwarding setup if made Plex not work inside my network for some reason, so I found Emby and set that up for use inside my network, I even tried setting up remote access with Emby and had the same problem occur with the Port forwarding. Just thought I'd elaborate at least why I use both.


Do you have any suggestions how to resolve this error? It's pretty bad that I have yet to receive a single reply to my Plex post and recieved one here. I really do appreciate it.

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