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Bye bye Emby!

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Posted 10 June 2019 - 06:34 PM

extra stable release is just a change of name - so how does that make things different?


I love stability, and since I bought premiere cinema mode only has worked half the time, they fix it on one update, and then it brakes on another one, I have a few examples like that.


Remember that the extra release is just an idea/suggestion the real goal of the idea is a more polish update.


and since I answer all of your questions


What would suggest instead then?


So, do you think there is a way to improve the release of updates to iron out some bugs?

#42 Luke OFFLINE  


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Posted 10 June 2019 - 06:35 PM

I apologize for the issue with cinema mode. I've gone through it again thoroughly for the upcoming 4.2 release and you shouldn't have any issues with it. Thanks.

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Posted 11 June 2019 - 03:14 AM

A more poilshed update is only going to come with structured/controlled testing - which the devs would have to communicate and provide documentation on what they chnaged


i.e. be specific on whats changed and what needs to be tested and how - at the moment all we have is a hit and miss approach as testers only try new things and report things that stop working/have issues.


This catches some of the bugs - but its common for a new beta to have new issues which have no related release notes - so appear unrelated/surprising


If you love stability then stay on stable and you will get less issues - but have to wait longer for fixes

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Posted 11 June 2019 - 03:43 AM

What would suggest instead then?


So, do you think there is a way to improve the release of updates to iron out some bugs?


Probably more beta testers that know how Emby works fully, plus a detailed list provided by @Luke and/or @ebr of things to test.


More often than not, the beta test cycle is used to fix issues in Stable, rather than the adding of new requested enhancements.


Too many people run beta Emby server, but don't provide any feedback.


It's been suggested several times before, that the beta testing should be a closed group, but it's never happened.


Bear in mind, that there are on 2 full-time devs working on Emby, plus a few others that assist in other areas, such as @speecles and @softworkz.

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Posted 12 June 2019 - 10:42 AM

We need better communication when it comes to releases to make users better understand their impact. We don't need to over complicate the system more. That would cause more of a drain on resources having to worry about that too. I think the dev/beta and store/stable method works better. There just needs to be more of a connection to users when releasing and announcing these changes. They need to be announced on the users Emby server in more than just notifications.


Then there wouldn't be this disconnect here where users feel out-of-touch when updates happen that they aren't in control or know what updating may impact. If this were in notifications, and also generated a popup changelog when having the server update. That popup lasts until the update is complete. The EmbyServerUpdater service that runs to update Emby could display this changelog popup so Emby server itself doesn't have as much need to. Then after the user updates the server can then pop that same changelog up. In the advanced section of the server is the setting to [x] disable update changelog popups .. 


That would solve the issue of users not knowing/understanding what is going on with their own server. You would be in control of how/when to update based on how you felt about that changelog popup. The Emby server update service if running on manual will not progress unless you click "Okay To Update" button right below the changelog on the popup. There is no way to dismiss the box other than "Cancel (Keep my present Emby version)". So users can go to update, then see the changelog. They think "ohh.. not doing that right now", cancel out. The updater simply loads back their old version. No update done. This should be able to happen in the updater.


Food for thought?


whenever looking for current changes in an update I try to always check this page.. https://emby.media/c...atest-versions/

I find it gets updated along with new beta/stable change log very quickly.. hope this helps for the time being regarding knowing whats going on with each update..

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Posted 19 June 2019 - 05:37 AM

Just browsing I found this thread.
So some random comments.
The changelog for the releases is on github and pretty easy to understand
Each new ‘minor’ beta cycle seems to be about picking off a bunch of issues. Nowhere is it clear to the outside world what the major functionality / design objectives are for a given beta cycle. It would be nice if at the start of each cycle the major objectives for the next release were given.
I am one of the silent beta users. If I find something I will try to help the devs by reporting it. I know that using a beta it’s on my head and (sorry!) I have Plex as backup if Emby crashes, but I think despite my 99% silence it’s useful I’m there. I certainly would make the effort to report anything major.
Regarding the OP. I went the other way from Plex to Emby. A major part of that decision was the support forum. It’s just so blatantly obvious with Plex that even the structure of the forum is about monetisation. I know everyone has to earn a living but I really started to dislike the Plex culture. I really appreciate the different culture of Emby and want to support it.
Now I am here I think Emby is a clear winner in transcoding and remote bandwidth management. These are important things for me. Otoh I think the Plex UI is better especially for multiple servers and tbh I find the Emby UI a bit clunky.
Minor points for me: I only played with IPTV (be it the Roku side or the Hauppauge side) and my impression is that different design decisions impact the user experience. I think I probably agree with the Emby decisions, but I will find out more later in the year!!! If I ever bother to harden up my remote access I think Emby is better because I don’t trust that Plex system. Finally though Plex has better device support and better music support. I want to move my music library later so look forward to continued development there.

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Posted 19 June 2019 - 07:41 AM

My suggestion for you is:

1 - run iptv4plex.py script (google it)

2 - add new TV device as HD Homerun

It's way better than M3U Tuner

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