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Cinema Mode + Trailers odd dialog when playing a movie from Kodi 18.2

Yagotta B. Kiddin

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Yagotta B. Kiddin

First off, props for the great work on Emby and the Kodi for Emby add-on! I have been using them for years to great effect! Great job!


Disclaimers: (a) I do not know when this first appeared, I have been away from my systems for almost 2 years now (version info below), ( B) I scoured the NVIDIA Shield TV appliance for the logs, but so far they have eluded me (I don't think this is a crash error, more of a meta-data parsing error I suspect), otherwise you would have logs.  Best I can do at the moment is a screenshot (see below).


System Info:

Emby Server: (, Windows 2012 R2 host)

Kodi Companion (
Cinema Mode (, set for 2 trailers (see screenshot of config screen below)
Trailers (
Kodi Info:
Host OS: NVIDIA Shield TV (Andriod
Kodi for Andriod TV (18.2 Leia, 2019-04-22)
Emby for Kodi (4.0.5)
Embuary Skin (18.7.4) <-- very nice work!
Embuary Helper Script (1.1.7)
The EmbyCon add-on for Kodi has never been installed on this instance.
The Problem:  Whenever I play a movie, I am presented with a dialog (2X, once for each trailer) prior to the first trailer being played and then the main feature.  The number of choices in the dialog is random (2 to 10 options) plus the Cancel button.  Selecting the Cancel button stops the job (movie does not play), and selecting any of the UUID looking options plays a trailer (almost all of the time, sometimes it poops the bed, but I think that is because the trailer itself pooped the bed).  I can reproduce this on Kodi 18.2 clients with the Kodi for Emby plug-in running on Windows 10, XBox One X and Android TV (all are hitting the same server as above) on the LAN.
This behavior is not seen on the native Emby web client, nor the Emby Theater app, both of which play two trailers without interruption then the main feature.


Any 411 on what to do, or if you need more info, please just shout!

Cinema Mode and Trailer plugin configuration on Emby server attached.
As always, thank you for all you do for us!
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Yagotta B. Kiddin

^^^ Ah!  Missed that one in my dredge through the forums when I posted the above!  I'll give the beta a try as soon as I get a chance!  Thanks for everything you do!

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