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Kodi Profile Issues using Leia


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As a Background. 

I'm using Emby Server (latest stable edition) on a Synology 916+. This manages only my media library I don't use live TV options.

Kodi image using OSMC on two Vero4k unit (wired and wireless for different TV)

On this Vero4k unit I'm using the latest update, with Kodi Leia vs 18.2 (May update)

I'm using Emby for Kodi addon latest stable.


I have three kodi profiles, that when I go to that profile, loads up the appropriate Emby user, and the library is in sync with the user library. On Kodi 17.6 this worked a treat.



Following the update to Leia, the whole Kodi Profile has been reported as unstable, and will be withdrawn (and replaced with something else I'm sure) in Kodi Vs19. For my system when I log off a Kodi Profile (say the kids profile) and try to log onto a new profile, I typically have a hit and miss process of either Kodi system crash, freeze, or at best a long delay in switching. For the moment on the OSMC forum I was advised to either

- return to Kodi 17.6 or

- move to one profile in Leia.



If I use the one Kodi profile option, I believe I can use the Emby Con user profile options to control content. But I don't believe there is a similar option in Emby for Kodi addon.


1) Is there a switch profile option in the addon Emby for Kodi?

2) Is Emby Con (and profile switching) allowed in Embruary skin?

3) Can I use both Emby Con and Emby for Kodi to profile management and allow background library sync to occur, reducing the network strain (library sync) on the relatively low powered Vero4k unit. (And also use the excellent features of Emby for Kodi)


Many thanks

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  • Solution

1 -> Nope

2 -> Yes. You can use the on-startup-login of EmbyCon. It also offers the option to switch profiles on the fly. I've added shortcuts in Embuary so you can do it via the shutdown menu for example

3 -> You can use both addons together.. A possible scenario is using Emby for Kodi for Emby profile #1 and EmbyCon for Emby profile #2 on the same Kodi machine. But these two addons won't "talk to each other".

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Thanks for the answers

I’ll give emby con a try this weekend as it looks a good option at the moment.

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