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Wifi: best bitrate settings...


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I have a lot of full HD music videoclips which have different birates. For some reason I could play some pretty good on my Samsung S3 mini phone, but some others showed a black screen and I could only hear the music.

Especially videos with a low bitrate (around 2000-2500) gave these problems. 


By setting the Wifi bitrate to 1.8mb/s I can play all video's, no matter what the bitrate is.  :)


So, my burning questions:

1) Can the Wifi bitrate not to be determined automaticly?

2) If not, what is the best rule to determine the optimized setting?

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I could look into determining wifi speed automatically. It wouldn't be high on the list though due to lack of developer resources. 


As for the optimum setting. I suggest in the higher range of what your wifi connection should be able to handle. For example my wireless router and network devices all support wireless-n so I set the rate at 16 mb/s and don't have issues. if you have a wireless-g network then 5-6 mb/s will be at the top of what is achievable. 


If your on wireless-n and still can't play video at higher bitrates then something else is going on. Either with the server or the client. If that's the case I'd like to see clean logs of a playback attempt. Server, transcode, client.

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