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Android TV Slow to Load Live TV Channels

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I've had emby premiere now for 6 months running on Xpenology.

Specs are latest dsm, haswell xeon e3-1225 v3 16gb ddr3 supermicro x10sll-f

Hdhomerun feeds ota tv and using The Players Klub for IPTV so i've got 2 tv souces for live tv.


99% of the time we watch Emby on Shield TV latest FW Using Emby Android TV App.



Problem: OTA channels are loading much slower than they used to, recordings are intermittent(whether they record or not) and it just seems a bit sluggish.

I also notice when watching ota TV that during a show, the sound will cut out for 5 seconds quite often which is really annoying.


Things I've tried: Getting better OTA signal to the HDHomerun by getting great new antenna, and having it professionally mounted with stronger signal now.


  • Should i try using the emby app for my LG Oled or try just sideload the Android Emby app to Shield(vs android tv app) ?
  • Or should i get better hardware for my Xpenology, something recent with DDR4 and Latest Intel?
  • Or is there a cache i should clean somewhere?
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Hi, @@ebr can help with the TV app but I would not necessarily suggest side loading the mobile app as the layout is currently not optimized for 10ft TV usage.

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Hi. I don't think any of your issues are necessarily app-related.  How does the tuning speed compare to Chrome, for instance?


As for the sound drop-outs, is this with bitstreamed DD?  Any interruption in the stream will cause most audio processors to mute the stream for a few seconds until it comes back.

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