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Theater/Win app/Web Playback - Which is best quality?


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Any HDR involvement doesn't add much to the load. MadVR is just hungry. Its relying on a directshow back end, then builds on top of that. mpv uses ffmpeg and it's own algorithms, for everything. Personally, I think directshow is junk. It's far too tweaky. I've never liked the way you have to use madVR. It's a great renderer, but entirely not worth the trouble it takes to make it work, for so little gain. And it suffers greatly because it has to keep up with all the changes made to Windows. mpv/ffmpeg are less affected by that.

As for my mpv HDR tone mapping configs, the tone mapping does add a little to the processing, but as long as you have decent hardware acceleration, it won't make a noticeable difference. d3d11va-copy is what I would recommend, possiblity just d3dllva.

bam! exactly what i looking for, thanks!




You really should just test it, and see how it performs in reality.

yes, very much looking forward to trying out your mpv tone mapping, for my particular setup it could be a real winner, just waiting for a couple of new pieces to my av set up to arrive so i thought i would get a head start and ask questions about it, and some questions about madvr which i've tried many times without much success.

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