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Emby Theatre & Dual display


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Weird enough search function found nothing even though I have seen topics about this in the past, but ok.


I recently removed Emby Theatre because I wanted to update to the latest version.

Installation went fine, but before the installation Emby always started on my second screen (TV).

Now it keeps starting on main screen (PC monitor) which is somewhat annoying (though not life threatening).


I haven't tried anything yet since I thought it weird that it happens since the update.

Anything changed with the last version concerning this or should I look closer at home?


Windows 10

Emby Theatre version (few days back, gotta check later for number)

BenQ monitor

Samsung TV

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LOL...Remember, always update to the lastest version, it wont break anything.    LOL

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haha, kinda fixed it though allthough it is somewhat weird.

When I placed it on the second screen and exited without maxing it to full screen, it stays there like any other program.

Then when starting it opens on the second screen going max size (yet not full screen for some reason) which fills the screen just fine.

Somehow when going fullscreen it bleeds over to the first screen or something (though not visibly so) and then after exiting starts on the first screen again.


Anyway problem fixed for me it seems.

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