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Android TV Specials - Playback after end of season


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Bit of a strange thing happening.


Specials are organized in season 0 or season 00 folders.


I don't know when the issue started but I have specials that play after each season is finished playing, even though they are set to display/play only in the season aired.


For example: Stargate SG-1 The Ark of Truth(S00E07) and Continuum(S00E08) are both displayed in Season 10 as Episodes 21 and 22 (correctly) and not in any of the other seasons. Yet they play after the end of

each of the 10 seasons. I had "old" nfo files for each and deleted/refreshed the metadata, completed a full scan of the libraries without any change.


Checked a couple of other series, same problem.


Have I got a setting wrong? or am I missing something? Is this a bug?


This used to work as I would expect - Which is the special would play during the correct season and between the correct episodes.


If the log is of any help I was testing this after 8pm Eastern 4/26/19.



Stargate SG-1.S00E07.The Ark of Truth.nfo


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What emby app are you playing with?

This is with the Android TV beta, I think it is version .11


I just checked using the web app and it is behaving as I would expect - last episode of a season - first episode of next season.


Can you move to android test forum?

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Similar problem here with Android TV Beta. For me, the specials are not listed in their correct slots at all. As in the above example, the two SG-1 specials do not appear at the end of season 10. Same for every other show, but the problem doesn’t exist on other platforms.

Going to drop the beta and see if the problem is still there

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So like the example in this thread, the 2 Stargate specials dont appear at the end of season 10, as they were for the OP. Another example is the pilot movie for Babylon 5. This should appear in season 1 before the first episode. And this is the same across all the shows.


The thing is this only occurs in the current version of the Android TV app. Previously it worked fine (I know this as it's my prefered app. Best layout of them all). It currently works as it should in the web app, iOS and TVOS.

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@@CBers, thanks for the hints but in my case I don't think it is a naming issue as it has already worked in the past and does work on WebUI and Android mobile. ;-)

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