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Live TV Categories QUESTION


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Emby groups all M3U playlists together into one section. I want to add a new Live TV source, and have it show up ALONGSIDE the old Live TV icon. Just like adding a new library would appear. 

I know this has been requested at least  5 times in the past.

My question is this:


What would it take, on my part, to make this feature a priority? 
Is there an amount of money I can give you to make this feature real?

Can I hire a programmer to change the way emby runs on just my server, or can I hire a programmer to wirte a plugin for emby that everyone can use? 


Please help. Thank you.

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Hi, this is not currently possible, and to be honest, i don't see it happening. But what might be possible in the future is to have categories under live tv.

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