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Cover Art - Add FHD cover


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Is it possible to add a FHD cover, next to the existing ones like SD, HD, UHD ?

And when that is possible, can the plugin assign the FHD cover to 1080p content and assign HD to 720p content automatically.


Find it strange now that FHD content (1080p) gets assigned a HD cover (which in fact, HD is 720p in video resolution terms)


I know I can use overlays for video resolution, but mostly they are not visible clearly (due to background image of poster), in what ever position I place them in, so having a FHD cover I find better.


Thanks !

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FHD is a term that the TV industry created to sell more TVs.  Both 720 and 1080 were originally considered "HD" when created.


We'd really like to make CoverArt a little less complex as opposed to adding more to it... :)

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Yeah, but that does not make it practical the way it works now...


Maybe you guys across the pond don’t see any difference between 1080 and 720, but it could be much better to differentiate the movies in a library when FHD gots his own cover, so a user can see directly easily which movies are 720 or 1080.


You can expect the same sort of question again when 8K comes out in X years ;-)

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