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FR - DLNA - Display Formatting


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This ones for a mate but I guess I can see the benefit.


Requesting an option in the DLNA to display content using the file name and folder structure as apposed to metadata only


Another option I thouhht may be beneficial is when displayed using metadata prepend the episode number to the episode name


Let me know if further clarification is needed

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@@Luke I think we actually need to raise the second option as more of a priority and forced option rather than optional.


Content being served by DLNA server (tv episodes) are displayed using the episode name (and thusly sorted this way) so tv episodes are all out of order.


So I believe we can fix the issue by prepending the episode number the the epusode name perhaps like

12. Episode Name

We may also need to preped a 0 to all episodes under 10 to prevent sorting issues when there are nore than 9 episodes.

So sort









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Actually, we need "009" - that's what the current sort name does because some shows have 100's of episodes. Or just use our current sort name.  It actually takes season into account as well so they can be shown all sequentially.

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Yea fair call. Maybe we should do it dynamically. Just check the number of episodes and if less than 100 prefix 0 if greater than or equal to 100 prefix 00

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