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Confused oldie needing help


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Hi Everyone


So I'm a bit old school and servers/routers ports etc are well beyond my level of understanding.


I'm having issues with external connections.


Basically I have a son who is registered blind but he still like to listen to movies etc.  I am trying to connect Google Home and Emby for him (I know thats another subject) but it won't work and I think its because I can't get an external connection.


We have Emby Connect all set up which I was hoping was going to avoid the need for me to do anything and that it would all just work but no luck :(.


I'm pretty sure the issue is the external connection as when I follow the instructions on testing the connection I receive a message that Safari cannot open the page.


I am on a Mac, with a Billion Router and Ubiquity mesh system.


Are there any step by step guides for oldie mums? If there is anyone who could explain this to a five year old that would be my level!







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Hello Emma,


Can you give us a bit more info on how far you made it for the external setup?

What have you changed/set in Emby so far?



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