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Can't play SD content to Sony 43XF8505 endless load


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Hi all,


I kind of new with Emby, I've been using only Plex until yesterday when I gave a shot at Emby because Plex was buffering endlessly. So with Emby on my Sony 43XF8505 TV I'm unable to play SD content. I select the dragon ball episode, click play and I'm greeted with a green loading circle for eternity, nothing else. The same video file plays just fine on my 55OLEDB7V. I enabled debug options and sent the logs, is there anything else I could do? Anyone experienced similar? Everything plays just fine except SD content; from 720p upwards it's like Plex on steroid.


Many thanks!

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I enabled debug options and sent the logs, is there anything else I could do? 



Then add the following information to your report in the forum:

  • Exactly what you were doing and what happened.  Include the name of whatever you played if it is a playback problem
  • The time you sent the log
  • The name of the Emby user on the local server that was logged in at the time



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Alright, I forgot when I sent it so I sent another one, sorry for inconvenience.

Time: 15:25 GMT+1

What I did:
 - Turned on the TV

 - Opened up Emby app

 - Navigated to TV shows library

 - Started the first episode of American Gods for testing (This worked)

 - Stopped the American Gods, episode

 - Switched to Dragon Ball, episode Secret of the Dragon Balls (pilot :) )

 - Changed to language to Japanese and the Subtitles to Hungarian. The subtitle is right next to the media.

 - Started the episode

 - Blue circle going round and round but nothing happens


Name of the Emby user: Wrath



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Hi.  Do you have the server log from that session?


The server is throwing a 500 error trying to deliver the stream.

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Attached the relevant section of the server log. Seems like it tries to transcode for some reason: ContainerBitrateExceedsLimit... kind of strange. I can play the video file just fine by plugging in a USB stick to the TV and I can play this very same file through Plex DirectPlay. But I can't play any sub 720p video for that matter. I have the whole collection of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, more than 350 episodes. All of them that I tried show the same symptoms.


My OS: Unraid 6.6.7

Using the following Emby server:

Author:	        emby
DockerHub:	emby/embyserver
Repository:	Emby Repository

Latest version, no updates.


System specs just in case:

  • Intel Xeon E3-1245V6
  • 16GB ECC DDR4
  • ASUS P10S-M WS
  • 2x8TB Western Digital RED HDD
  • 250GB Samsung 970EVO cache drive for unraid (docker images run from the cache).


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