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Filter channels from overviews


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Hi guys,


I'm working with the awsome Live tv integration.


My setup is Tvheadend as backend. I use iptv-epg.com for guide data, which gives me all the nice and rich epg functinos i want.


The only issue i'm having is with adult channels.


Now i don't want to exclude them in total from my account, but i don;t want them to be present up front.


If i go to the live tv section now, and the row with movies and on now is flooded with aldult movies.


I want the channels to show up in the general grid epg view, and in the channels, but i want emby to ignore it in all the overviews as in: On now, upcomming movies, continue wathcing etc....


How should i approach this ?



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yeah, but this will completely remove the tv channels from my account.


I still want to be able to access them, but i don;t want to have a big list with upcomming and currently playing adult movies on my home screen in my house.

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I don't know a good way to remove adult from everywhere but the EPG grid.

With Emby filtering it's more or less all or nothing filtering which applies everywhere.


Would it make sense to just remove the Adult channels from Emby and maybe use a different app just for those to make Emby "family friendly"?

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Have you tried assigning parental ratings to your account 


Not going to help him as the parental controls are all or nothing.

He wants the adult listings in some parts of the UI but not in other parts.

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