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MBT Stuttering with 1080p material using MadVR


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Have been a hardcore XBMC user for a while now but finally realised that playback quality of the internal player is pretty average so started playing with MPC-HC/MadVR etc. Fantastic but pain to use compared to XBMC.


So did some more googling and came across MediaBrowser Theater. Very, very excited with the LAV & MadVR based Player. 


Sadly, I am seeing v bad stuttering with 1080p material and MadVR enabled :( Other players using MadVR such as MPC-HC, JRiver are all fine).


HTPC is Intel i5/HD 2500 based. 

MadVR settings are Luma : DXVA2 GPU, Chroma : Bicubic 75. Doesn't make a difference if i take it down to bilinear etc.

LAV/MBT set to use Intel Quicksync.


One thing I did notic was that I don't see the LAV filters in the Windows Icon Tray when playing (MadVR is there). I see the LAV filters when using MPC-HC


Any ideas please?

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