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TV Recording, RAM Disk, Cache Files

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Just trying to verify something here.  It is my understanding that Live TV, while being recorded, is recorded to the Transcoding Cache Folder and is later moved to the Recorded TV Library folder.  This would imply that I could create a Ramdisk and identify it as the location for the transcoding cache, which has the potential to provide 2 benefits. 


First, and most important to me, it would reduce the write activity on my expensive  m.2 NVME drive, which has a finite number of writes. Second, DDR4 RAM is quicker than even Gen3 X4 NVME storage, so I may perceive a performance improvement as well.


I have adequate unused RAM so I don't see creating any new system bottlenecks.


Now for my questions:

1. Am I correct about the way the LiveTV recording cache works?

2. If so, is the  recording file only moved to the recording folder at the end of the recording process or is it written to that folder at some interval during the recording process?

3. Am I missing anything in my reasoning?



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And a follow-up question...what I can allocate to the RamDisk is 8GB.  If the cached data is not written out to the permanent location periodically throughout the recording, I would hit up against this limit if the cache recording file size exceeds that amount.

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