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Bug: Open Subtitles plugin does not download subs for movie parts


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I have noticed that for the movies that are multi-part (from several discs), the subtitles are downloaded only for the 1st part of the movie. The 2nd part is ignored.


Example of contents of directory:


<movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.eng.srt

<movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.fre.srt

<movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.jpn.srt

<movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.mkv

<movie name> - Part 1 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.nfo

<movie name> - Part 2 - 1080p 3D-FTAB.mkv


This also applies if the files are named this way:


<movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.eng.srt

<movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.fre.srt

<movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.jpn.srt

<movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.mkv

<movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part1.nfo

<movie name> - 1080p 3D-FTAB - Part2.mkv


The multiple parts are correctly recognized by the emby server.

In this particular case, the subtitles for part 1 extend over the 2 parts. However as expected the subtitles are only displayed when playing the 1st part, and not with the 2nd one.


So I guess this particular situation has not been taken into account into the plugin design.


I understand it is not obvious since when the movie is in 2 or more parts:

- the plugin has to check if there are corresponding subtitles for each part (with the right number and duration of each part)

- alternatively, when the only subtitles available are all in 1 file : the plugin must fetch the right file (taking account the several parts as a whole for the duration, naming etc.), and the player must also take this into account (use the 1st part subtitle file with adequate time offsets for each other part)


==> taking all this into account, is there an automatic workaround or a way to correct the plugin and/or player behavior ?


Thanks & regards,


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Hi, this is going to be a difficult scenario. Do the subtitle providers even have subtitles split into two parts for these titles? My suggestion would be to just join the files into one.

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