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'Video Training' Content Type


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Hi all, would it be possible to add a 'video training' content type to Emby.


I know you can kind of set this up already using either 'Home Video & Pictures' or the 'Mixed Media' content types since they allow for deep nesting. This works fine for the most part, but it does have its limitations.


It would be fantastic to have a standalone 'video training' content type, that still acts similar to the 'TV shows' content type, e.g:

  • Can click a 'season' to play from where you left off
  • Can see the # of videos remaining on every level of the 'nesting' etc

This way it would be much easier to see where you left off because at the minute you can only do so by drilling down into the actual folder with the video files inside and since most video training is neatly categorized that requires some relatively deep nesting (e.g. Training > Category > Sub Category > Course 01 > Section 01 of Course 01 > Video files), doing this can become a bit long winded.

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Hi, then why not just use the TV type?


Hi Luke, the TV type only workes with 1x sub folders of a Show.


eg: Breaking Bad > Season 01 > Video Files


However, video training content is usually one or two levels deeper than that, simply because you'd want to categorize the training (Marketing, Graphic Design etc) and then each individual course also has their own modules with multiple videos in too.


eg: Marketing (category) > Social Media Foundations (course) > 03 Building Your Online Community (course module) > Video Files (lessons in the module)


I hope I'm making sense!

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Ok, couldn't you use home videos and then click play all on a folder? And then if you had a way to resume from the last played video, would that work?

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