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Hardware acceleration transcoding is not using my GPU.


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When transcoding movies, even with hardware acceleration turned on on the server, all of the work load is being put on the CPU for both decoding and encoding.

Im pretty new to this and dont have much knowledge about how this works.


-More specific specs-

Processor: AMD FX-3600 Six-Core Processor


GPU: Nvidia GTX-960 4GB


Ram: 8.00GB DDR3


It might just be something simple i am missing, but no matter what setting configuration i have set, all of the work is done via cpu.

From what i am aware, a GTX-960 should be capable of both decoding and encoding.


In a recent ffmpeg log file i noticed this following message, I'm not sure if it helps:

[h264_nvenc @ 00000206e4fe00c0] Cannot get the preset configuration: invalid version (15)Error initializing output stream 0:0 -- Error while opening encoder for output stream #0:0 - maybe incorrect parameterssuch as bit_rate, rate, width or heightConversion failed!
Attatched are my transcoding options, ffmpeg log while transcoding a 1080p movie, and a hardware detection log.

Any help to get my GPU to do something would be greatly appreciated :)






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