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TV Programmes classification (parental ratings) showing incorrectly


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I'm new to using Emby and am impressed so far with the system and its reliability. I've got to grips with the naming conventions and how subtitling works, all of which is fine. But I have a little problem with the Parental Rating (Classification) of TV programmes (shows).


The UK does not use classifications for TV programmes, we use a 'Watershed' system instead. That means that there are no ratings for the UK on any internet resource.


With my TV collection, therefore, the rating that gets applied is generally the US one - which means very little to me and I remove the rating from my collection. That is straightforward, but annoying, to have to do. Anyway, none of my TV programmes have a rating set and none is shown on the web client (Safari).


Yet, looking at these programmes on Apple TV they are all displayed as 'Unrated'. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this how it is?

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