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Offline Synced media - no showname?


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Coming from the Plex world because sync never works correctly there... so I'm trying out Emby.


So far, much better interface, much better responsiveness.



But Offline mode is a little confusing:


Long version:

  • I can sync TV episodes just fine (though I can't specify resolutions, only bandwidth?)
  • When I later connect offline, it asks me to Select Server - which is unavailable due to my being offline on a bus
  • Fine, I finally notice the "My Downloads" button. That's fair, I suppose.
  • This takes me to a list of everything downloaded! Yeah!
  • But wait... it tells me episode numbers and episode titles. I synced 5 different shows (latest 3 unwatched episodes of each) and now I have to guess which one is which by episode number, name, and a screenshot?

Short version:

  • Please add the show's name to the shows so I can tell what episode belongs with which show in the "Latest Downloaded Videos" view. I know the data is there since I can click into each and see it on the detail screen....
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  • Solution

When you go to "My Downloads", you should see at the bottom your server name and an icon for "TV".  Click on that and it should lead you to a view with the poster art for the shows you downloaded.  Click on the poster and you get a listing of the seasons and episodes you downloaded.

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