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TV Headend - Unable to stream multiple LiveTV streams with one account on multiple Rokus


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I have a Ubuntu Emby set up with LiveTV via TVHeadEnd with a Hauppauge QuadHD TV Tuner.  For the most part, it worst really well, but this past weekend, I was helping my dad set up some Rokus at his house-- One new Roku Premiere+ and one older model.  Both are capable of streaming the LiveTV, but when one Roku attempts to stream a channel, and the other Roku tries to stream another channel, it will supposedly change the channel on the first Roku.


Is there some limitation to one LiveTV steam per account?  I was going through the settings and I didn't see any way to unrestrict it if that is the case... I did verify that *I* am able to stream another live tv channel from my Roku (which is in a different house and a different Emby & Roku account).


I've suggested that maybe he should try setting up an entirely separate Emby account for the other Roku and I'd send him another invite to the server, but this just seems ... odd to me.

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