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How to Make UNC Folder Shares


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UNC - "Universal Naming Convention" is the recommended network share type for the new Media Browser 3 server.
I will explain it step by step in this thread by creating a new folder and sharing it, then add the folder share to the MB3 server.
First go to one of your media folders, right click and choose: Properties.
In this example I will be using a folder named:

Now click on the "Share" tab - then "Advanced Sharing".

Enable the option "share this folder".
Best to leave the share name as it is for easy remembering, now before you click on "Permissions", this share in your network will be seen to everyone when browsing by the explorer. If you are okay with that, then just click "Apply" then "Permissions".
If not, and you want to make it "Hidden" then simply add "$" to the end of share name, as in my example. The share name will be "MB3ShareUNC_Example$". Click on "Apply" then "Permissions".
Now we will see the group "Everyone" has "Read" permissions only,. Let's keep it this way, and let's add the Windows user account that the MB3 server is (or will be) installed with.
If you do not use domain as part for your network, then main location as it is for that user, simply type some part of the user name then click on "Check Names", then add that user by clicking on "OK"
If your computer is part of a domain "Active Directory" then click on "Locations" and chose the AD path and click on "OK" then as always, type part of the user name then click on "Check Names" and chose your user name, then "OK"
Now let give our admin full control (Read/Write) of that share folder:
Then click on "Apply" then "OK" then "Close" to close this. Your folder is now shared.
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If you need to copy the path (if you are using hidden share or if you need to enter the path manually) simply right click on the folder and chose "Properties", and on share tab, under "Network Path" highlight the path and copy it.






How to add your UNC share folder to the MB3 Server library:


Go to the "Default Media Library" menu, and click "+" on "Media Locations" under a Collection to add a new folder path. Navigate to your shared folder as shown here:












If your shared folder does not show as above, you can manually enter the path into the "Current Folder" field and click OK.

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