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MKVToolNixGui question


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After creating MKV's from DVD's with MakeMKV, I then extract text subtitles (if any) with MKVExtractGui.

Then I use MKVToolNixGui to set the default track flag on Vobsub from "yes" to "no" and to set the default track flag on SRT from "determine automatically" to "no". Then hit the multiplex button.

I thought this would make it easier to select my saved .srt files with Roku if I want subtitles, but the default would be NO subtitles showing.

Now I am thinking I'm just wasting my time. If I open the new .mkv with MKVToolNixGui the default track flag on the Vobsub is "determine automatically" and so it the flag for the SRT file. So it looks like it is not saving the changes I applied. 

Also, the new mkv file is usually 1K or more smaller than the original, so something is changed. I would suspect there would be NO change in file size since all I am asking it to do is flip a couple bits.

Is this program buggered? Am I wasting my time or doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help

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