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Roku Beta Release Notes

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Posted 09 February 2019 - 03:07 PM


  • Speed up grid loading considerably


  • Fix crash with missing data on first row and enhanced home screen enabled


  • Fix double button presses sometimes needed in video player
  • Add 4K indicator to guide
  • Fix crash when delete last item
  • Implement enhanced home screen option
  • Fix problems when switch user with audio playing
  • Fix play all on series
  • Fix shuffle play after single play not working


  • Add option to burn in SSA subs
  • Fix some strings
  • Improve message for overscan on monitors
  • Fix some focus issues
  • Add indicators for scrolling in options panels
  • Fix crash when deleting last item in season/series


  • Improve error handling during login/connection
  • Properly display multi-episode items on detail/library screens


  • Fix unable to play unidentified episodes


  • Fix improper buttons on playlists
  • Fix playlists not playing in proper order
  • Increase authenticate time-out


  • Fix small focus issues in grid
  • Use more standard font size/weight


  • Attempt to fix transcoded audio stopping sometimes


  • Fix video playlist item display
  • Allow TrueHD direct play on Roku TVs


  • Implement ability to see long overviews
  • Implement proper latest recordings grid view
  • Improve Playback correction button text
  • Allow Playback correction to continue until fails
  • Correct library view clipping rows and leaving backdrop when view buttons selected


  • Fix play from here on video playlist
  • Make '*' in poster grid go to toolbar
  • Raise the limit for lists
  • Fix duplicate row showing on playlists
  • Implement record from program detail screen (WIP - no way to change options yet)
  • Fix some possible display issues
  • Fix no sort order browsing by folders (for sub-folders - there appears to be a server issue with pure folders)
  • Various other small fixes


  • Fix individual genre showing no items
  • Even more intelligent sort options
  • Add backgrounds to some images for better definition


  • More intelligent sort orders
  • Add last episode added sort order
  • Fix crash trying to sort by anything other than name


  • Implement grid toolbar
  • Allow playback of discrete (individual video) items from grid including engaged filters
  • Fix crash attempting to play individual item in video playlist
  • Fix new event name implementation

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Posted 31 July 2019 - 02:50 PM

3.0.175 (Release)

  • More server change updates (fix search)
  • Improve live TV failure handling


  • Fix crash on connection in rare instances
  • Fix '#' letter jump broken in prev release
  • Minor UI clean up
  • Fix letter jump
  • Require OS 8.0 (performance improvement)


  • Fix translation
  • Improve Live TV error handling


  • More translation issues
  • Update translations
  • Improve folder display
  • Adjust to server changes for place holder items and new fields


  • Fix some translation issues
  • Widen grid options panel
  • Improve backdrop display in grids
  • Allow direct play of WAV


  • Update translations
  • Implement "Still Watching" check for live TV
  • Update for server changes
  • Align card title display with Android TV
  • Improve layout of poster grid
  • Fix erroneous text display


  • Improve list screen
  • Improve audio player screen (no scrolling needed)
  • Fix playback error handling


  • Fix crash on server entry
  • Fix missing image


  • Update translations
  • Various translation fixes
  • Improved detailed list view


  • Implement translations and language selection


  • Various minor adjustments/fixes
  • Show backdrop during video loading


  • Standardize guide look
  • Implement guide sort and indicator options
  • Align new playback OSD look
  • Fix letter jump with non-alpha chars at front
  • Improve audio player album/artist display
  • Fix various small issues

3.0.155 (Release)

  • Improve subtitle handling
  • Improve playback error handling
  • Add direct record button to OSD during live TV playback
  • Add on-screen mini-guide during live TV playback
  • Add pre-playback version and audio/subtitle selection


  • Fix some subtitle selection issues
  • Hide mini-guide when changing to new channel
  • Fix app won't run on devices with FW 8.x


  • Improve OSD subtitle and audio menus
  • Reset grid to top when sort/filter changes
  • Minor clean-up in grid view


  • Improve popup list display
  • Update WOL method
  • Fix crash on items with no audio stream information


  • Improve error handling
  • Improve stats for nerds
  • Fix crashes
  • Add 110Mb/s setting
  • Fix Roku TV framerate handling
  • Fix mini-guide losing focus on buffering


  • Improve video clock display
  • Fix jump to letter sometimes hanging
  • Avoid possible crashes during playback
  • Fix crash trying to play newly ingested episodes that were missing
  • Implement recording/canceling during live TV playback
  • Implement on-screen mini-guide for live TV


  • Fix error messages on stub items
  • Implement Stats for Nerds


  • Fix theme music playing after leaving details
  • Fix ability to exit popup lists with lists still open
  • Fix in-progress recordings unable to play from details
  • Fix losing focus when returning to poster grid
  • Fix "more" button too big
  • Fix unable to select first item in popup lists


  • Randomize theme song playback
  • Improve memory usage and start up speed
  • More neutral default background


  • Fix TV Channel playback from detail screen
  • Add theme song support
  • Fix private listening mode


  • Fix crash on some people
  • Fix photo viewer not showing full screen
  • Implement more expected alpha jump list behavior


  • Fix crash entering guide
  • Add date added to detail screen
  • Fix some version display issues


  • Improve image display on some items
  • Make "OK" button play a channel with no program information in guide
  • Re-design detail screen to match Android TV
  • Re-design library browse screen backdrop display
  • Implement pre-playback version/audio/subtitle selections

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Posted 14 December 2019 - 10:58 AM


  • Fix direct stream of HEVC and Mpeg2
  • Fix a few string issues and other minor bugs


  • Fix playback of TV Series from poster grid


  • Fix direct playback of external audio playlists


  • Implement audio player error fallback
  • Split options into categories
  • Align episode display on tiles
  • Reduce login timeouts (faster startup when these fail)
  • Remove server IP address display


  • Fix video player fallback


  • Improve texture memory management
  • More playback fallback fixes


  • Rework some image handling (this may produce issues - please report them)
  • Fix some playback fallback not working properly
  • Implement new server (4.3+) "Included In" functionality


  • Add Roku-required startup beacon
  • Add new server playback parameters
  • Fix "more" menu not visible on list screen
  • Clean up and simplify image layout/sizing
  • Allow full HD backdrops
  • Fix checkmark and count alignment
  • Various small tweaks


  • Fix music album sorting
  • Use standard icons on buttons
  • Improve image handling
  • Avoid "flashing images" problem when server missing image library
  • Update translations
  • Don't show subtitle field when there are none
  • Fix display prefs spanning libraries of the same type
  • Redesign for simpler video OSD


  • Fix inability to change audio on some devices
  • Fix artist name not showing on songs
  • Fix favorite filter on channel grid


  • Remove confusing transcode info from stats
  • Don't show letter jump if grid has few items
  • Fix artist display for new server
  • Show labels on grid items that require them
  • Improve letter jump performance (drastically)


  • Explicit play next up button label
  • Adjust to new server next up
  • Titles in grid for music videos and episodes
  • Fix empty letter jump in Collections library


  • Fix text "Specials" string
  • Fix 1080 playback on Express
  • Don't limit auto-queue next episode to season
  • Move Delete button
  • Increase number of visible buttons
  • Try to fix initial focus with new Info Panel option


  • Allow letter jump when browsing by genre
  • Show titles for music items in grid
  • Fix TV sort by date played
  • Fix some problems with displaying episode details in library view
  • Implement optional "info panel" on home screen
  • Update translations


  • Fix anamorphic video on Express
  • Align button terminology
  • Improve guide paging
  • Improve detail page display on loading
  • Fix sorting/filtering in genres grid
  • Align grid view with other TV app
  • Improve image display

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