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Show off your rig..

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Posted 24 September 2018 - 11:37 AM


#1022 chef OFFLINE  


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Posted 06 October 2018 - 10:44 AM

Upgraded some of my equipment :)

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Posted 06 October 2018 - 11:18 AM

I have a deskmini 110 and was thinking about upgrading my i7-6700 to the i7-7700 kaby lake so I can transcode HEVC 10 bit movies with via the HD 630 igpu. Are you saying the 110 in the deskmini wont support hardware acceleration that I am looking for?

I think you'll have some trouble trying to do that. Tone mapping the HDR hasn't been implemented, so you'll lose it.

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Posted 13 November 2018 - 11:51 PM

I think you'll have some trouble trying to do that. Tone mapping the HDR hasn't been implemented, so you'll lose it.


Good to know. Perhaps 3D LUT support in Kodi is a temporary solution. I've also read that Kodi 18 now has Rec. 2020 to Rec. 709 color mapping integrated.

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 12:00 AM

Good to know. Perhaps 3D LUT support in Kodi is a temporary solution. I've also read that Kodi 18 now has Rec. 2020 to Rec. 709 color mapping integrated.

You could just use Emby Theater for Windows. The above post was specific to transcoding on the server. But for playback, Theater will do what you want.

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Posted 22 December 2018 - 06:27 AM

Upgraded some of my equipment :)

Could you pick one of those pictures and add a legend (equipment description)?

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Arly (Sprinkles)

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 04:52 PM

I'd absolutely love to set one of these rigs up.


I currently only run Emby off a desktop, and 4 external 8TB drives.

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Posted 31 January 2019 - 11:02 AM

Don't have pictures (but then it's a complete mess anyway) but my rig is currently a HP XW6600 workstation:


CPU: 2 x quad-core Xeon E5450 @3GHz each

RAM: 32GB (8 x 4GB) DDR2 667MHz


PSU: OEM 650w + Corsair CX450 (purely for the GPU)

OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit

HDDs: 2 x WD Red 4TB in aftermarket external cases, because the mobo won't read drives >2tb :angry:, and I also can't afford the NAS I want yet :(


...and extremely jealous of some of the rigs on here.

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Posted 06 February 2019 - 10:18 PM

Some crazy builds in here,

Mine is quite simple, most files do not require any transcoding hence the low powered CPU. Only have a total of 5 users.

i5 4570 (onboard gpu)
TBS 6909
TBS 6904
Total 12x tuners
Approx 60TB of storage (various WD Red 3,4 & 8TB drives) which are about 80% full.

Plans are to swap the 3/4TB drives for 10TB drives and possibly replace cpu for a 4790k (not that the extra power is needed)

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Posted 08 April 2020 - 07:55 PM

Dragging up an old one...


So after 3 years of threatening to do it, I finally worked on some of my home set-up.


First, I cleaned up the modem and some various components I have in a basement closet.  They are there because of proximity to coax. Modem, basic switch, HDHomerun, and a MoCa device to connect everything to my main office two floors away.  I used to have my Pihole/VPN mounted there too, but I robbed it to create an Octoprint server.  I'll build a new one, but I'll 3D print a small rackmount case to go in the main setup now.


Attached File  servercloset.jpg   155.51KB   4 downloads


Then, I finally put my server and main switch in a rack enclosure in my basement:


Attached File  serverrack.jpg   167.8KB   3 downloads


Not bad for a $50 Craigslist rack.  The only problem is that I can't close the door because of the handles on the Rosewill case.  Nothing that a dremel won't fix later this week.


Not terrible for doing most of it on a budget.


Of course now.... I want to upgrade the server itself.  It never ends.



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Posted 11 April 2020 - 03:37 PM

May as well join the party now my cabling is 'presentable' ..  ;)


I'm still running a Gen 1 i5 as my media server - I'm waiting for the new low power 10th Gen i5's before I update.  I don't need brute force any longer as all my media is now direct stream.


Cooling is via 3 x 80x80x38mm 9W Sunon Fans (one fan per 5 disks) - these really force air out the front of the server and keep the high disk/heat density well under control.


I have another offline and offsite server manually mirrored to this one - which acts as a full backup and also allows me to run zero RAID on this, it's just JBOD, currently 7 x 8Tb HDD = 56Tb ish, with capacity for another 8 disks.


Middle box is a Sophos XG firewall/UTM, I should really move into a 1U box but it'll do for now and I don't need the rack space.




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Posted 11 April 2020 - 04:51 PM

Some incredible setups in this thread, putting mine somewhat to shame although its served me well for the past 2 years and hopefully a few more to come.  At least the cabling is nice and tidy :D




The picture was taken during the build, so it's had a few upgrades since.  It's a SuperMicro X10SL7-F with an Intel Xeon E3-1231, 4x 8GB DDR3 ECC, SeaSonic 660XP2 (picture shows a G450) inside a Fractal Define R5 case with a few extra fans.  It no longer has the 2 USB boot devices and runs FreeNAS 9.10.1-U4 (the last build to support VirtualBox) from an SSD mounted on the backside of the board and now has 9x4TB Seagate HDD's running in RAID-Z2, so about 32TB of usable space (and about 8TB free)


Just over 1/3 of the storage is used for media, and I have FreeBSD jail running emby.  I've also got jails running ownCloud with OpenOffice, Calibre, and a couple of WordPress instances all behind an NGINX reverse proxy which handles the SSL.  I've got a couple of VirtualBox VM's running CrashPlan and for playing with other stuff, and it's still got my previous Plex set-up running (Plex, PlexPy, PlexEmail) although none of it connects back to Plex.  It's also running a jail for DNS caching and another running openVPN so I can connect back to everything externally.


Most of the data replicates overnight to anHP N54L Microserver sat next to it, which along with ~4TB in CrashPlan provides a decent amount of redundancy, with local and remote backup.


All the media is consumed internally on a number of tvOS and iOS devices, although I have about ~12 friends and family who access it on a mix of iOS, Android, Fire TV and Web clients.


I would genuinely be lost without it, and will no doubt replace it at some point when it's approaching capacity, probably with something very similar but with a more up to date processor, more RAM and bigger drives.  I like the fact it fits under my desk and just does its stuff, other than when I decide to change something and break it ;)


I'd forgotten all about this thread, and really should have provided an update when I upgraded at the end of 2019!


I didn't take the same picture from the front, but have a 'motherboard' shot and a view from the rear :-)






It really is just a modern rebuild of my system above (which is now the backup target) and is even in the same Fractal Define R5 case with a very similar Seasonic PSU.  I've doubled the RAM, making full use of the boards 64GB and it has 8x8 TB drives for the main pool.  I've also added a mirrored 480GB SSD pool for jails and databases, along with a mirrored 120GB pool to boot.  Everything is a little more up-to-date, so bhyve instead of Virtualbox, a few more things running in Docker, but still the core services as jails for emby, WordPress, Nextcloud, & OpenVPN.


I loved my old machine, and the new one performs even better with the extra storage and RAM.  I'm hoping this one might go more than 4 years before being replaced, with the scope to upgrade the 8TB drives at some point and drop these into the old machine, which is probably a little overkill as a backup server!

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#1033 chef OFFLINE  


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Posted 11 April 2020 - 06:45 PM

Define R6 nice! I also use that case!

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