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Long time PLEX user and recently discovered EMBY... first off.. nice and Open Source Project!


I installed EMBY on my Mac Mini 2102 edition next to PLEX and install the EMBY app only Apple TV 4K... ok.. so far so good...


Started watching a TV episode.. finished... press the Menu button on the Apple Remote... takes you back to the Menu...


and this is where the oddity begins... I'm at the M's... looking for the next episode ... um.. scroll down.. won't go past M... scroll up a bit.. now scroll down again.. and there we are.. Menu now shows what I'm looking for.


This happens even after I restart the server.


MacOS 10.14.4 (beta) and tvOS 12.2 (beta)


Running beta, never had any issues with PLEX.. curious to know if this is an issue with EMBY regardless of being on a Beta.. or is this a bug report? 

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That’s an in interesting one for sure.




Can you describe what screen you are on or how you got there? Seeing episodes in a grid doesn’t sound familiar (maybe you’re browsing a folder?).

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