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Setting RemoteClientBitrateLimit via API


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Hi, i try to change the RemoteClientBitrateLimit via the API.


I like to use /System/Configuration/{Key}, but what is the key name for RemoteClientBitrateLimit?


If I try$apikey

i get:


Configuration with key RemoteClientBitrateLimit not found.

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Hi. If you want to manipulate configuration settings, you need to retrieve the entire configuration object, change what you want, and then update with the entire object.



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Many thanks! Worked.


here is my script to limit the bitrate depending on the active user count

case `cat /$file_withe_the_number_of_external_users` in.
       jq '. + { "RemoteClientBitrateLimit" : 3000000 }' <<< `curl -X GET "http://$ip:8096/emby/System/Configuration?api_key=$key" -H  "accept: application/json"` > config.json
       jq '. + { "RemoteClientBitrateLimit" : 250000 }' <<< `curl -X GET "http://$ip:8096/emby/System/Configuration?api_key=$key" -H  "accept: application/json"` > config.json
curl -s -X POST "http://$ip:8096/emby/System/Configuration?api_key=$key" -H  "accept: */*" -H  "Content-Type: application/json" -d @config.json

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