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With update to Version the way forward to show collections in EMC


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Wasn't sure where to post this but since much of it has to do with the server update I hope it is best served here.


Of my libraries all work fine that have as Content = TV and Content = Mixed. Content = Movies is not working as expected and I am standing before a big decision and need help and advise from the devs @@ebr, @@Luke @@throgmorton.


I display all my content in EMC with Throg's themes and have several Movie collections with a top folder which has the images plus a file folder.xml then as many sub folders as there are Movies or Blu-ray discs containing extras, like in the Star Wars or Matrix collection. I need a way forward from here. My main interest is in having a HTPC display my content in the Home Theater.


At present I am running server version plus EMC beta .317. As mentioned the mixed content displays the Collection of different Blu-ray discs under one Folder (Group) correctly the way it always has.


My options are to convert my three libraries with Content = Movies to Mixed Content which are 108 Animated movies, 513 movies G - PG13 and 254 Movies R rated. Needles to say that requires backup of images and meta data first and it is time consuming I estimate a few days.


However since I have no idea what the future may hold and Mixed Content may go the way of Legacy Browsing so I need a suggestion from the devs for a way forward before spending time on changing my setup.


In addition I could swear there was an entry in themes in the EMC configuration an entry for Legacy View, was that removed in version .317 or is it someplace else?


What are my other options for having 1 top folder with all associated content appearing below it, whether it is something like Mission Impossible 1 - 5 or extras like documentaries pertaining to the collection?


Don't have this fuzzy warm feeling at the moment, but consider myself fortunate to have all images and meta data nothing lost during the update.



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Hi, aren't there other topics for the existing open issues? Can we just stay within the original threads as this will just make it more difficult if we wind up discussing the same thing in multiple places. thanks !

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That is why I started with I am not sure where to post...


Tell me where to post this then and I will be glad if you move it there then. EBR suggested to try server version as it may correct the problem of single movie folder problems. Plus I have a difficult decision to make that only could be helped by the devs giving me an idea about what effects future releases may have on Mixed content. I am at a loss of which way to turn.


As far as open issues are concerned finding a way to move from Legacy browsing to something similar was not one of them. The single movie folder problem yes but there is no indication where the problem may lie. For example where should I post screenshots regarding the Metadata Manager that may be relevant to this problem? It seems that the server determines what shows up on the EMC screen.

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And the single movie folder thing also has a topic where throgmorton was kind enough to provide screenshots.

Looked for that but I could not find it. I posted some screen shots regarding the single movie folder and server with EMC .317 corrected that but now the entire folder view disappeared and I have just loads of folders for Animatrix and Star Wars.


I am worried about this quote from you:





Mixed content has the old practice of a single movie in a folder "owning the whole folder". This avoids the extra click layer of having to click into the folder and then the movie. However, this situation is also much more difficult to detect, and it can lead to scenarios where a movie ends up owning a folder when it should not. Then you have other videos in that same movie folder and no way to reach them.


4.0 fixes this for all other content types, however I left it out of mixed content because I know it will draw complaints about having that extra click layer. Sooner or later though we will have to fix it.


Before embarking on changing the Content = Movie to Content = Mixed which would sort my problem any advice from you on getting collections displayed in alphabetic order among movies?

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EMC requires an update to remove that extra click layer that you're currently seeing in your movie library. i may try to explore some kind of hack in the server to fix it server-side, knowing how difficult it is to change EMC.

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Thanks for trying to help, I noticed this in Metadata Manager for Blu-ray movies just a single line but for single MKV movies the Mgr. has two lines. Notice the A-Team which is a BD versus The Lighthorsemen which has 2 entries.






Single MKV movie Lighthorsemen



Final Selection



Don't know if that helps. But thanks for trying to help.

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