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New Emby for Kodi (beta) missing views

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I updated my Emby for Kodi Addon using the beta repository, as instructed in another thread here.


I notice that special views for libraries set as “TV show” type have disappeared. I am talking about Next Episode, In progress shows, In progress episodes, ...etc. Is there any way to get these back? If this is a change rather than a bug, is it permanent? The ones for movie type libraries still exist.

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Launch Emby for Kodi > Tv shows (dynamic) (open the context menu) > sync library to Kodi.


Right now, if I had to guess, the library is not synced to Kodi, the add-on creates a dynamic entry where you can still view your emby content and play them in that event.


Keep me posted.

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Thanks, that worked.

“(dynamic)” was dropped from the name and another menu level was added between “TV Shows” and the actual list of TV Shows. This menu level has the views I wanted.

It occurs to me now that the Kobi/Emby “syncing” popup I’m used to seeing whenever I open Kodi has not been showing, despite several plugin, Kodi, and hardware restarts. I have not added any new content but before the update it used to show regardless.

Thanks again.

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