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Metadata Issue after Updating to


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I noticed a big issue after the update/conversion - and the fix regarding them.

First - The library scans for my TV shows were not functioning correctly. Upon digging into the issue I found that the metadata scrapers in each of the libraries were changed from my preset defaults to something else.  





These 5 were placed above tvdb, etc - causing the metadata to grab the closest match in the anime world. IE: Instead of grabbing "The Curse of Oak Island" , it was grabbing "The Curse of Kazuo Umezu" ... I had to go into my library for the tv shows, turn on advanced, and change the level or uncheck each of these in order for the system to recognize the proper television series. 

This would have became a complete nightmare had I caught it later.... 

The thing that tipped me off towards this issue was getting the newest episode and the Auto Organize - giving a 'null' error - when in fact the data was on the TvDb website.

I hope this helps someone

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