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Roku: Opening a Library to Open All Files Directly


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When browsing on the Roku app, I have my libraries along the top: Movies, TV Shows, etc, then going down the screen there is Continue Watching, Next Up, Latest Movies, etc. When selecting Movies for example, the next screen gives buttons at the top for all movies, genres, and others, below that there is the same again (or similar) Continue Watching, Next Up, etc.


I've already seen this on the main menu, can I not just go directly to my full movie list? For me personally I don't need the other buttons at the top but they could stay where they are and just have the full movie list underneath? It's getting very repetitive having to go through two screens to get to my movies when it could just be one, and I've repeatedly had to explain to users that they need to select "Movies" at the top once they're in the Movies library (that's another thing, this text used to say "All Movies" which was much more self-explanatory, now it's a little confusing).

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