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Streaming audio over ethernet


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I'm have been trying for the past few days, to set up Emby to be able to play an audio stream over ethernet. More specifically I would like to be able to play a broadcasted/multicasted  audio stream from another machine on my LAN. I've tried using both the IPTV plugin and strm files. I've had no luck using the strm method as described on the wiki so I've given up on that for the time being. 


I've been able to play internet radio streams directly using the IPTV plugin, but this will not be possible where it will be used, due to data limitations on the internet connection.


Sifting through the logs, I've noticed the same error in FFMPEG, "streams and format are both null." I've been able to play the stream on other applications, such as VLC, so I'm thinking this has to be somekind of a configuration issue in FFMPEG.


Right now I'm using a free version of the Emby server on my PC and I've used the browser interface on the same computer and on my phone, as well as the Emby app on an LG TV.

Where it will be used I'll have the Premium version if that makes any difference?

I've been able to play both audio and video from directly linking to files on the server, as well as directly linking to internet radios using http. 

What I have not been able to do is to play from streams in house, no matter if it's video or audio, directly from a file or transcoded from an internet radio stream.



is it possible to use Emby to handle in house streams, and if so, how on earth do you make it work?

I would very much like to be able to use Emby for this, since it handles all my other media as well.





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Sorry for the late reply. I've since found out that it would not play strm files for me unless I opened them on the Android app.

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